Body Restoration: A Place for Pain Relief

January 02 20:39 2018
Get services in Physiotherapy today, for a better, pain free life

Experiencing pain in the body is inevitable. Body restoration ( offers a wide variety of services to help relieve this pain. They offer services such as; vestibular rehabilitation, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, radial shockwave therapy, and IMS therapy. Many individuals come to Body Restoration when in need of any physical therapy services.

One of Body Restoration’s highlighted options is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can be used by anyone and comes in a lot of different forms. The experienced and registered team at Body restoration offer options such as acupuncture, manual therapy, athletic taping, pain management education, and more. These options serve to help every patient, as every patient’s pain needs are different.

Understanding which services to use can be overwhelming if you’re not use to the terminology. However, an overview of the services can help. Massage Therapy at Body Restoration provides pain relief, aids to alleviate illness, promote relaxation and movement. On the other hand, acupuncture works to do similar things but in a different way. This works by focusing on points with very fine needles. Differing from these forms of therapy is Radial Shock wave therapy. This service is often used for those who suffer from chronic and persistent pain who want a non-surgical alternative. This is done by breaking up scar tissues on tendons and ligaments to create a healing environment for the tissues.

Currently at Body Restoration there are no obligation appointments available to those who are interested. What this means is that individuals can book an appointment as a trial appointment, to see if they like the services they receive from Body Restoration.  The no-obligation appointment consists of about 5 different things including; injury pre-assessment, discussion with a physiotherapist, questions answered on your injury, advice on whether physiotherapy is right for you, and feedback about your imaging or diagnosis results. This gives individuals the opportunity to get a better understanding for how Body Restoration can benefit them.

About Body Restoration

Body Restoration has successfully been serving the area of St. Albert and Edmonton for over 23 years. Many individuals keep coming back for their services. Body Restoration also has a certified team, that combined, has over 40 years of experience treating patients. In addition to this, they have over 15 different insurances covered therapies, and offer more insurance covered options. The goal of body restoration is to relieve pain so you can get the life you want!

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