Looking Back at Oksana Vovk’s Year as Ms. America 2017

January 03 18:00 2018

3 Jan, 2018 – Newport Beach, Orange County, California – Ms. America 2017 Oksana Vovk won Ms. America 2017 competition in September 2016 at the Curtis Theater in Brea, California.   Representing California Coast, Vovk won with her two-fold platform to fight autism and promote organic living and secured Ms. America crown with a Pageant record lead of 14 points. 

Ms. America Pageant is open to women 26 years of age and up, single, divorced, widowed or married, with or without children.  For more information about the Ms. America® Pageant please visit Pageant’s official website at: www.MsAmericaPageant.com.  The Ms. America® Pageant is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO in Washington DC since February 2000 and ranks as one of the top pageant trademarks in the United States.

“Looking back at my year as Ms. America 2017, I am eternally grateful to everyone, who supported me and helped me through this very busy, exciting, fruitful and unforgettable year”, Vovk said.  “My Family is absolutely amazing and they were there for me every day and every hour, from helping me with my appearances to putting final touches on my outfits and makeup. I would like to thank Ms. America Pageant for the experience of a lifetime and providing me with new opportunities to further my platform on fighting autism and promotion of organic living. I also would like to thank all sponsors, organizers, non-profits and everyone who was involved in making this year truly great for me.”

“On my journey as Ms. America 2017”, Vovk continued, “I met many people: celebrities, politicians, teachers, musicians, lawyers, doctors, social workers, and students, and I can say with complete confidence that deep down we all want the same thing, to love and be loved and understood, no matter our beliefs, goals, occupations, marital or parental status. I hope that in 2018 we will all try to be kinder and more loving towards each other and try to be more understanding to someone else’s needs.  Kindness does not cost anything, but it is priceless, so we all can contribute something and make this world better today than it was yesterday.”

“I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe New Year, and may all your dearest wishes come true. I am looking forward to crowning my successor in March 2018 and would like to wish all State and Regional titleholders of Ms. America 2018 Pageant the best of luck”, Vovk said in conclusion.

Photo by Daniel and Diana Pham at Pham Photography Group.

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