Elinor – The Deserted Valley – World of Adventures, Fights and Magic

January 08 13:18 2018

The electronic demo version of Elinor – The Deserted Valley is available on our website www.elinor.games and offers our fans a glimpse of what to expect from Elinor.

The concept of Elinor – The Deserted Valley, revolves around a huge continent, situated in the middle of a boundless ocean. The nature of this world is rich and diverse – high mountains, deep forests, and endless prairies, severe snows of the North and arid deserts of the South.

Elinor’s storyline sees eight nations, originating from the Valley of the Ancestors; create their own governments in different parts of the continent – from the wise Djunits to the reckless Guawars, fearless Itoshins, enlightened Ulutau, discreet Vedichs, mighty Taurs, inventive Tausmatus, and the careless Chekatta.

Welcome to the world of Elinor! 

Dive into a large-scale fabulous world of adventures, fights and magic. We blurred the line between game and reality. You can not only play this world – you can live it! 

Elinor – The Deserted Valley is designed with a dynamic storyline which supports multiplayer participation and flexible game variations.

From two to six people can take part in the game. Each player has their own color of the basements, where the tokens are put. There are two possible variations of the game, and the playing field can be used for both of them.

  • The first one is simplified and will be appreciated by the chess admirers and by people with developed tactical thinking. Every player picks 6 units from the eight peoples of Elinor at random. The main aim of every player is to beat all the opponents’ tokens and to lead his warriors to victory.
  • The second variant of the game is a board turn-based strategy in the best spirit of Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic. You can control one of 8 unique peoples each of which has its peculiar abilities, skills, and buildings. Develop the economics, build forts, hire new warriors for your army, become the mightiest master of the Valley of Ancestors.

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About Elinor Inc.

Elinor Inc. is the developer of this thrilling adventure board game Elinor – The Deserted Valley.

The game Elinor – is a fantasy universe created by Mikhail Shelkov and with the help of creative team members, the game was polished and upgraded to what it has become today – an addictive and exciting experience!

Elinor Camp is one of the leaders among Russian kids’ camps with more than 1000 children taking part in camp programs each summer and over 90% of participants craving another camp event year after year.

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