National Press Distributors Analyze Best WooCommerce Themes in 2018

January 08 14:02 2018

Seattle Growth Marketing Agency

National Press Distributors (NPD) has analyzed WooCommerce WordPress themes to advise e-commerce businesses and startups on the best WooCommerce themes to use in 2018.

The analysis, conducted in January 2018, looked at the full range of WooCommerce themes available in WordPress. After looking at the baseline Storefront theme, NPD also dove deeper to investigate child themes and extensions that can add features to this basic layout.

Themes are important for users of WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that plugs in directly to WordPress. The combination of WooCommerce and WordPress product a powerful platform for online shops and stores.

Themes enhance stores by giving them a cohesive look and feel that is consistent with what a seller has to offer. NPD discovered that many WooCommerce themes are tailored specifically to the products being sold on the e-commerce site. There are themes for electronics, book sellers, organic growers and many others. Usually, it is most advisable to find the theme that matches the product offerings in the store.

Compared with other services, WooCommerce’s themes may be a little simple. But they are perfect for store owners who do not want a lot of hassle. WooCommerce’s best themes are quick and easy to set up, and effective at marketing to consumer groups.

Extensions can further enhance the e-commerce experience. Extensions for WooCommerce do things like set up payment systems, make checkout and shopping carts easy to use, and establish membership and subscription services on the e-commerce website. Some of these extensions come at an additional cost, while others are free to add on to your existing e-commerce website. Other plugins and add-ons can also be added on top of all this to make a store even more customized in WordPress. The combination of offerings from WooCommerce and WordPress allow for an incredibly customized e-commerce selling experience.

National Press Distributors is the provider of Logic Inbound’s research and analysis. For more information, please contact NPD’s press representative.

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