Microblading in Atlanta: An Amazing Treatment for Restoring Eyebrows and Improving Looks

January 09 20:46 2018
Eyebrows play a great role in generally having an attractive facial appearance. Although they may not be accorded the attention they deserve, they are a prominent facial feature that serves to accentuate the facial appearance.

Alpharetta, GA – Microblading, also referred to as eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow hair simulation, can be very beneficial in dramatically improving the appearance of thinning eyebrows in both men and women.

The Nouveau Clinic has been perfecting this procedure for years. Their company spokesperson, Evie Delaney, says “what sets brow hair simulation apart from typical tattooing is the process and the length of time it lasts. The process is quite intricate and the artistic correction will last anywhere from 18 months to 3 years.”

This Microblading Atlanta clinic has been perfecting this technique of cosmetic eyebrow restoration for 18 years to date, performing over 15,000 cosmetic restoration procedures. Microblading is a unique artistic approach that combines a thorough knowledge of facial proportions for both men and women’s brow shaping, while taking into account ethnic considerations.

There are many reasons why one would consider using Microblading for eyebrow restoration. It could be because of eyebrows thinning out as a result of aging, hormonal changes, family genetics, or from over tweezing. Eyebrow tattooing is also a great way to restore missing eyebrows in individuals experiencing partial or total hair loss as a result of thyroid imbalance, alopecia, or trichotillomania. The process is quite straightforward and not as complicated as it sounds. Semi-permanent cosmetic pigments are used to simulate individual hairs, one hair at a time, just under the surface of the skin.

The artist will create a brow template for the client to approve of before the procedure starts. The skin is then numbed and the artist begins the eyebrow restoration by layering several tones of color in the brow area. The artist will use the look of natural brows to accentuate the final look. People with thinning eyebrows will find this treatment to be very beneficial. More so, clients can also change their eyebrow color once the semi-permanent pigment begins to fade. One can also have a retouch done every few years to boost the color and detailing of the brow.

The Nouveau Clinic is located at 5755 North Point Parkway #40 Alpharetta, GA. They can be reached via phone at (404) 724-5165 or via email at [email protected]

Interested personnel can also visit their company website at https://nouveaufaceandbody.com/ for more information.

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