DryShield to Offer Effective Crack Repair Solutions to Homeowners

January 09 21:26 2018
DryShield has decided to offer cost-effective epoxy crack repair solutions to homeowners and property owners.

Toronto, Ontario – January 09, 2018 – Nowadays, cracking of walls and floor tiles has become a major problem for homeowners. Every year, a lot of residential, commercial and industrial properties get affected by crack formation and propagation. Witnessing hairline cracks on internal walls is every property owner’s worst nightmare.

Crevices are formed because of a number of reasons such as earthquakes, erosion, movement and settlement of soil, expansion and shrinkage of concrete, hydrostatic pressure from expansive soil, inappropriate backfill, etc. Whatever the reason, the formations of crevices on internal walls lead to a number of critical problems such as water seepage, moisture intrusion, flooding, etc.

Cracks on internal walls of house allow poisonous gases, corrosive water and moisture to enter within the property. Corrosive water seeping through gaps deteriorates the wood furniture as well as the items stored in the cracked room, while seeping moisture makes clothes smell musty and fosters the growth of mould, mildew, mosquitoes, microorganisms and fungus.

As a result, the formation of crevices and the problems arising from them create an environment that forces employees, tenants and homeowners to eventually leave their properties. The only way for property owners to save their properties from further cracking and collapsing is to hire the specialized crack repair services of DryShield.

DryShield is a professional waterproofing and home repair company that specializes in epoxy crack injections. The injection technique is really a cost-effective solution to horizontal structural cracks. The main objective behind the technique is to fill the crevices and voids with epoxy resin. In this technique, holes are drilled alongside the crack. Then, surface ports are glued into the holes. The ports are then injected with liquid polymer resin from bottom to top with hydraulic pressure.

Then, cuts are made at right angles to the crack and epoxy bonded carbon fibre strips are installed. The carbon fibre strips provides reinforcement and tensile strength to the previously cracked area. This method usually takes two hours. The epoxy spreads and fills the smallest gaps and openings within two to three hours.

The technicians of DryShield use high quality and cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques for completing the epoxy crack injection repair projects on time.  Recently, the company has decided to provide homeowners and property owners with effective and economical crevice repair solutions.

About the company

DryShield Is an Ontario based wet basement company that is known for completing home repair and damp proofing projects. The company has been in the waterproofing industry for more than two decades. The company operates throughout Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

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