More Americans Adding Butcher Knives to their Collections

January 31 15:10 2018

Hobanco was established in 2000 to improve the knife buying experience with quality knives at the best prices.
More and more Americans are adding butcher knives to their at-home set of kitchen and utility knives.

Butcher knives are a very old tool that has changed little from their original design. However, they have stuck around through the ages due to their usefulness and durability. Modern butcher knives are even more durable and long-lasting than ancient ones, especially when made from things like stainless steel. A modern chef’s butcher knife can last them years of service without breaking, chipping or getting too dull.

Some people are looking to Japanese knives for their butcher knives. This is because of the well-known durability and strength of Japanese butcher knives. In addition to butcher knives for meat, Japanese butcher knives are also excellent for carving up specific types of fish.

But butcher knives are not only used inside the kitchen at home. They are also used by professional chefs and outdoors. The most literal use for a butcher knife is to butcher meat from start to finish. Therefore, many butcher knife sets also include items like saws and scissors that are meant for outdoor use by sport hunters. These tougher tools are appropriate for people carving their own meat after hunting an animal.

Regardless of where the meat comes from, butcher knives pair well with butcher blocks. Butcher blocks are tougher than other standard cutting boards. These large wooden slabs can withstand heavier use that would go along with using a butcher knife on them. A butcher knife is thicker and heavier than many other kitchen knives, so the durability and toughness of a butcher block is necessary in order to have a reliable cutting surface to carve on.

People prize things like strong blades and sturdy handles when buying their butcher knives. A sturdy handle is particularly important. Cutting up meat can be messy, producing slippery juices from the meat. This makes a reliable and non-slip handle an absolute necessity in order to protect the knife user and get a clean, precise cut without any slipping.

Hobanco, a leading knife seller, has a range of butcher knives, along with other kitchen knives, sport knives and knife accessories. Contact Hobanco for a press representative or more information.

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